Bilal Bahij Mansour

Bilal, a graduate of CSULB in Structural Engineering and minoring in Computer Science was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Al-Mansur  S.S. Ltd. Group of Construction & Development Companies. With fifteen years of managerial experience in the areas of Construction Management, Telecommunication and the Internet sector, Mr. Mansour created a multi-year business plan to maintain Internet Solutions’s leadership in ever growing Internet sector through the rollout of superior VSAT, Wi-Fi and DSL/ADSL products.

He went on developing and implementing standardized policies and procedures in deploying Internet in townships and districts at a regional, national and international level. Four years later, Bilal co-created Nigeria’s largest Fleet Tracking Management company: NOVATRACK Ltd. Finally, he launched XPLOIL and introduced the first skid mounted modular refinery in Nigeria among other O&G niche products and services.


Jaad Tohme

Jaad, is a University of Colorado graduate with emphasis in communication studies, marketing and public relations. Jaad started his career as marketing & research project manager at SIS International, a leading global market research firm headquartered in New York City. After joining Quantileb, Mr Tohme has successfully completed the Entersekt Reseller Training Program at Entersekt headquarters in Stenllenbosch, South Africa.

With hands on experience, Jaad has been appointed Business Development Manager at Quantileb Ltd and directly coordinates with Entersekt Representatives.