Position your online banking offering at the nexus of security, mobility, and ease of use.


Security, Mobility, Ease of use

For financial institutions wanting to deliver mobile banking services to the corporate banking segment, one challenge is to build a highly secure product that meets stringent regulatory requirements at home and abroad, while accommodating complex internal business processes. No less important is to package self-service functionality for maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Banks that strike the right balance, particularly at this early stage of adoption, will reap substantial rewards: new customers, improved loyalty, and increased engagement.

Entersekt’s solution for online banking authentication helps institutions do just that. Without exception, our customers report dramatic results in eliminating online banking fraud. They also draw wide praise for a superior user experience that dispenses with the costly one-time-password-based systems that users find a clumsy impediment to getting the job done.

Entersekt’s patented system harnesses the power of public key infrastructure and deploys it to the mobile phone or tablet in a seamless, transparent way. An industry-standard X.509 digital certificate transforms the device into a second factor of authentication that verifies the user’s identity when logging in to the corporate online banking site, and enables them to digitally sign approvals of all sensitive transactions (single or batched).

It’s a solution that guarantees security while making life that much easier for corporate finance officers on the go.


The Corporate Banking User Experience

Login: When a user logs in to your corporate banking website, an authentication request is pushed to the app on their mobile device over a secure channel. The user clicks Accept, and the digitally signed response is returned to your institution over the same out-of-band channel.

Transacting: When a user initiates a transaction, your institution’s business logic first determines the number of approvers required. Mobile authentication messages are only pushed to approvers’ devices if they elect to perform this task after logging in to their online banking account.

Authentication messages display details of the transaction/s and prompt the approvers to click Accept or Reject on their devices. Responses are digitally signed using Entersekt’s X.509 certificate or a certificate of the institution’s choosing.​


Features & Benefits

  • Thwarts phishing, man-in-the-middle and similar attacks
  • Supports nonrepudiation through certificate-based transaction signing
  • Provides quick, easy approval of individual or batched transactions
  • Encrypts all communications end-to-end
  • Deploys as a powerful SDK for incorporation into your organization’s mobile app or, where rapid rollout is required, the Transakt mobile app
  • Requires little, if any user education
  • Launches automatically on the user’s mobile device, and can be customized and updated without user intervention
  • Works with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and feature phones capable of running Java applications.