Our technology is proven. It’s in daily use by millions of users worldwide. Their overwhelmingly positive response to our approach proves again what countless surveys have suggested: consumers feel empowered when taking an active role in securing their online banking transactions. Here’s what a handful of our customers and partners have to say about us.

Four of South Africa’s top six banks use our technology. Nedbank is one of them. Approve-It, the bank’s transaction authentication feature, is a product of our technology, as is the widely praised Nedbank App Suite.


“Totally the next step in mobile banking! Applause to the innovation team at Nedbank!”
— Nedbank customer on BlackBerry World


“Within 3 years of conceiving of their mobile authentication prototype, Entersekt has captured 70% of the South African authentication market”. “Transaction values processed through the Nedbank App Suite have exceeded US$2 billion since its launch 13 months ago, highlighting the trust that clients have instilled in this solution.”
— Fred Swanepoel, CIO, Nedbank


“Our priority is to not only make our clients’ digital experience with Nedbank secure, but to empower them to do all their transactional banking anywhere and at any time. The key advantage offered with our application suite is that the Entersekt mobile development platform allows our customers the freedom to use the application regardless of their phone type.”
— Mike Brown, CEO, Nedbank

US-based LastPass is a leading password and data management service. Entersekt’s Transakt mobile app is available to LastPass users as an optional security measure: it allows users logging in to the service to verify both their identity and that of the system with just one click on their mobile device.


“Works perfectly with LastPass and is the best solution for 2-factor authentication there – just press the green button with no need for codes.”
— LastPass user on Windows Phone Store


“Brilliant tool — works across all platforms & has 2FA to provide extra security. Works effortlessly and made weak passwords & poor password management a thing of the past.”
— LastPass user on Twitter


​User: “So, Transakt is ‘instead’ of Google Authenticator right? Instead of typing in the whole number, you just press Accept or Reject?”
LastPass: “Exactly.”
— LastPass blog

​“Within 3 years of conceiving of their mobile authentication prototype, Entersekt has captured 70% of the South African authentication market”
— Technology Banker (Dec 2012)


“Entersekt has looked to not merely provide a solution that is deemed industry standard, but one that is shaping the model of providing security in the industry.”
— Frost & Sullivan South Africa Technology Leadership Award (Mobile Security, 2012)


Capitec Bank is a South African retail bank with a reputation for innovative, streamlined, low-cost banking products. It partnered with Entersekt to deliver a highly secure online banking service that was simple to use and could be offered at minimal cost.

“This app is fantastic, no need to carry that silly token with me anymore!”
— Capitec Bank customer on Google Play


“The Entersekt solution, ensures leading-edge security combined with easy-to-use convenience.”
— Carl Fischer, Executive Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Capitec Bank

Investec is a private bank operating mainly in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and Australia. Investec uses Entersekt’s technology to enhance the security and usability of its online and mobile banking services.


“With Entersekt, we saw an opportunity to improve the user experience dramatically, while at the same time enhancing security on the mobile channel. The Transakt SDK allows us to offer the same level of functionality our existing mobile users have come to expect from us, and take it to our UK-based clients with enhanced security features in place. Entersekt has a strong security roadmap, so we are confident that, working together, we will stay ahead of fraudsters.”
— Lyndon Subroyen, Global Head of Digital Channels, Investec


“Wow I just used Transakt to log into Investec. Instead of being sent an OTP a session opens and you either accept or reject (on phone). Accept you go in on browser. Glad cos I freaking hate OTP.”
— Investec client on Twitter


Swisscard AECS AG is the only company in Switzerland to offer American Express, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards from a single source, doing so on behalf of Credit Suisse AG. Swisscard provides Transakt to its cardholders to secure card-not-present online purchases.

“Trop bien!!!”
— Swisscard customer on iOS App Store


“Super App, gibt mir volle Kontrolle beim Bezahlen meiner Online Einkäufe. Ausserdem muss ich mir nicht noch ein Passwort merken. Im Gebrauch einfach und recht schnell.”
— Swisscard customer on iOS App Store


“Something funny this app, because it has almost nothing. But it proves to be very useful when making purchases over the internet and paid with mastercard / visa. Top!”
— Swisscard customer on Windows Phone Store