Entersekt’s goal is simple – to make the online world safe in the simplest, most intuitive and convenient way possible. Everything we design, build, and deploy is based on this philosophy of technology in support of real-world human interaction.

When we took a fresh look at the problem of online user authentication, we recognized that browser-based authentication is a security dead-end. Security based on passwords, one-time or static, has been systematically beaten by cybercriminals the world over.

Our patented system harnesses the power of public key infrastructure (PKI) and deploys it to the mobile phone in a seamless and transparent manner. Industry-standard X.509 digital certificates authenticate the device, digitally sign transaction verification requests, and encrypt communications to and from the financial institution.

Using our system, your institution can be certain it is communicating with a legitimate device; your customers enjoy peace of mind, confident that messages originate from a trusted source; and no third party, not even Entersekt, can access or alter the communications.

This elegant approach places Entersekt at the center of a number of established technologies, where our authentication solutions can ensure absolute security.

Entersekt’s technology is compliant with ISO 21188:2006 (PKI for financial services) and utilizes modules certified as FIPS 140-2 Security Level 3 for encrypting all data on your institution’s premises before it’s sent to the mobile device.

Perfect for deployment in heavily regulated financial sectors, our products adhere to recent FFIEC guidance and international legal mandates, such as Singapore’s stringent MAS Act. Transakt is a FIDO Ready™ U2F (universal second factor) token.


With Entersektsecuregateway

Secure the primary access channel (desktop, laptop, tablet) by using the mobile phone as the second factor.

Secure the mobile access channel by embedding our technology, available as an SDK, in your existing mobile banking app. One mobile app, two factors of authentication!